Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Additions

Aren't they cute? On Dec.23, I came home from town to find this beautiful Labrapoodle sitting in the arms of our girls. He has become a new guest in our home over the holidays.
Everybody that knows me, understands that dogs belong outside.
Everybody growing up on a farm understands why they stay outside.
Not this one.
He had his own special crate and seemed to enjoy most of the Christmas activities. His name is Drift Wood, so we were enjoying a leisurely stroll with him down at the river.
It was last Jan.29 that we had to sadly put down both our family horse Cheval and our family dog, Carmen. I have come to realize that loosing and grieving over our family pets has become quite familiar with bloggers.

Our family story is not only just about grandkids and pets, but we also have two wonderful daughters that have been home for the past three days.
It's so good to catch up and sit around and enjoy our favorite coffee.
Except our favorite coffee only has one more breakfast serving.

Good reason to walk to town and pick up some more.
My two daughters continue living life to the fullest. Suzanne is teaching Gr.3 at a local school in our community, an inner city school and she loves her work. Mikki is in her final year at UBC studying Occupational Therapy. Both of them enjoy the outdoors and spend time planning events with their friends. Last year they both cycled 200 miles for two straight days, (STP-Seattle to Portland) with at team of 30 other cyclists and raised over $46,000 for a school project in Rwanda.
When there not working or studying you will see them snowboarding, hiking, surfing, cycling or running.

So tomorrow, we're off to hit the slopes. I'm wondering who will get priority in our SUV, Drift Wood or me? I'll tell you later. It's fun adding new members to our family, and someday, I'm sure there will be more additions that I will be able to write about.
Meanwhile I'm learning to break a few house rules and smiling as I go along.
Now I know why I've been feeling to dog-tired.



  1. Very cute dog! I'm with you on the houserules for farm dogs...but maybe there have to be new rules for visitors from the city. Nice post about your lovely daughters! And have a wonderful time on the slopes. We'll catch up when you get back.

  2. Oh Marg, I so know what you mean about out door dogs. It's just amazing how a little pup in the arms of your kids, is able to break rules. Drift wood is quite adorable. It was great hearing a bit more about your girls. They are beautiful. Have fun on the slopes.


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