Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Little Carolers


It was years back when I remember going out caroling. All the young people's would meet right after the Christmas Eve service and would squeeze as many into one car and drive out to the country to carol. Oh it was so much fun. I have such strong memories of those days. I remember one Christmas eve it was snowing lightly which is so rare, in our part of the world, but we were just stepping into the fluffy white snow, the guys were having a wicked snowball fight and of course trying to stuff the snow down our backs, and they were just thrilled that we were squealing with glee. Of course, the cars were skidding all over the roads, but you know how fun that was? Till we hit a fence and all giggled and laughed and thought it was hilarious, except for the poor driver. That was called "living on the edge" in those days. (Nobody wanted to go home.)When I talk to my kids about those times, they look at me like I'm really strange. Wouldn't it still be fun to go out at Christmas and walk through the neighborhood caroling?

One day when I was in the Christmas Craft Fair, way back in the early 80's I found the most beautiful "Carolers" . Someone had sewn them and they were just so delicately hand crafted.
I remember thinking, "Can I afford this?"(They were $20 for a pair) What would my husband think?" I drove home and told him what I had seen and he came back with me to look at them, and agreed, that they would really look beautiful in our home.

Many of our ornaments have come and gone..but this special pair of "Carolers" always have priority on our fireplace mantel...This is always a reminder of the good old days.

What are some of the new traditions we can continue to build that bring back family memories and celebrations. It's fun to hear from all of you what you treasure and value the most.

Off to celebrate Christmas Coffee with Judy and Josh Groban's, "Noel"



  1. That so brings back memories of by-gone days! We used to go caroling as a youth group every Christmas Eve also. It was such fun...and I think we actually sounded like a choir.

    Hang on to those carolers...they are priceless!

    PS 'Noel' is still playing in the background!

  2. We used to go caroling with the young peoples group too. Oh yeah, we lived on the edge back then . .just a bit. I remember one time on a saturday, the snow started to fall and my mom put on a huge pot of borscht and made some meat perishky and had me call the whole group over.
    Precious memories of you two.


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