Saturday, December 22, 2007

Martha Stewart Comes to Visit

~~~~~~Christmas is always the one time of year to invite special friends over and enjoy each others' company. Our company arrived and they brought this beautiful package of home-made goodies all decorated just like Martha would do it. I was just adoring this beautiful platter and thinking about the person who had made these goodies when suddenly there's a knock at the door. I jumped up to see who was there....

You wouldn't believe it. The most gorgeous Christmas bouquet I have ever received. It was filled with flowers from the Hawaiian Islands. Someone knew that Hawaii has a special place of memories in my heart. Thank-you so much to my friend who sent these. It's been a privilege working together in Fraser Health, Elma. You have given me a challenge and opportunity, but it's been nothing but rewarding.

So we ate really quickly, so that I could set this beautiful bouquet right in the middle of my dining room table. I had to take off the table cloth just to find another one that would complement this bouquet (my favorite one from the Pottery Barn) and then we just stood there and adored this beautiful arrangement. I never thought that my table could look like Martha Stewart's table with just the right arrangements.

I love receiving surprises. Even just the surprise of fresh snow on the ground this morning. Most of us are expecting surprise visits from Santa Claus in the next few days, but there's no better surprise when it comes from special friends because as you know, it comes from the heart.

Happy Baking, Cooking and Cleaning!



  1. Beautiful Hawaiin centrepiece! A wonderful older gal (who is rejoicing with Jesus this Christmas) once told me that if you have flowers on the table, it doesn't matter if the house is clean. need to clean, Marg! And you have the baking, so you are all set.

  2. Marg, truly on behalf of Fraser Health I say thank you for the amazing work that you do at the hospital. Your contribution and commitment to doing the job well is outstanding. Every year around this time I start reflecting on who are the persons that have influenced my life positively during the last year...and certainly you are one of those persons for me this year in that my worklife is better because you are a part of it.... Never has there been a better Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator...many thanks. Elma

  3. What is Fraser Health? You co-ordinate the volunteers there?
    I like the thought that if you have flowers on the table, you don't need to clean! We are renovating our bathroom.... can I put flowers in there too and not bother cleaning the mess?????
    your cousin, mic


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