Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Advent

It's that first Sunday in December, that tradition brings us together and we sit down in front of a few traditional cookies and reminisce what the season is all about. It's fun to see who gets to light that first candle? No matter what age..There's always that excitement about setting up all those wonderful decorations, or deciding that it's time to get rid of them.
It's more fun to take the girls and check out how Decor West could help us update and replace some of those old relics that should stay in the attic.

December brings all the outward preparations, all that we have to do to prepare for Christmas. Advent is an invitation to an inward preparation, calling us to listen, to attend to the preparation of the heart. Advent calls us to stop-however briefly-all of the frenetic doing and invites us to come and experience the coming of the light of Christ into the world.

Allow your heart to wander on a reflective journey through the season of Advent even as you attend to the demands of December.
"The Journey begins with Advent, " wrote author Jan Richardson. "Advent is a dance set to the rhythm of waiting." The season of Advent invites us to come to a manger and experience anew the wonder, the beauty, and the glory of Christmas.

It makes me wonder, how will I reach out and make a difference to someone so that they can also experience this same journey?



  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I like all the new pic's on your blog...and your new 'arctic' profile photo. I drove by to check out the trampoline all decked out in lights...nice touch! I couldn't wait any longer to listen to Josh Groban's Noel, so he's playing at my house, Marg!

    Nice advent post...we all need to be reminded that it's about more than the lights and the decor (and the music).

  2. Marg ..
    Your new wintery pictures are so nice.
    I like what you said in your last line reminding us to draw others to the One we celebrate.

  3. Hi Marg - I came across your blog while exploring links from a relative's blog. You may remember me from your recent workplace - I delivered the mail for 4 1/2 years there. Anyway, I am so enjoying your blog with all your adventures and insights. Today I was very touched by your prayer in the sidebar and wanted to thank you for being such a blessing to us readers! You are a wonderful woman of God. Elsie

  4. Marg, this is a beautiful...thank you for sharing. Great pictures as well!


  5. Hi Elsie,

    Thank-you for your comments Send me an email and I would love to catch up with you.
    It's amazing how one can reconnect with people and I would love to hear more about you.


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