Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Latte's in the Country!

Oh! If our teachers could see us again, they'd know that we were nothing but lively country girls, farmer's daughters looking for adventure. and always kaniving something.
We had so much in common.
It was way back in Grade eight that both of us met. We made so many memories riding the MEI bus, spending weekends at each others homes, and always looking for excitement. We have stayed in contact and connected through different events over the past 35 years. We've had our children, and now our grandchildren, and we're both empty nester's. Yahoo!!
It was through the passing away of a mutual friend, Hildegard Toews, this September, that really has brought us back together. The three of us were good old MEI buds. Laughed together, cried together, drove the teachers crazy, always up to mischief and yet there was never a dull moment.

Judy, do you still remember the time we were kidnapped by the hot road dragsters and landed up at the Davy Crocket Motel? Oh my, our hearts thumped that night, eh? We were so fearful our parents would find out. We learned a few good lessons that night!

Today Judy and I shared our Christmas Latte's together, talking and sharing from the heart.
Driving on her yard I saw her beautiful angels and right up front of the drive way was her Inukshuk, which is a symbol of hope and friendship. I felt so welcomed as I entered the front porch and the door was wide open togreet me. Her home is beautifully decorated and yet reflects the natural beauty of the earth. A fire in the fireplace, candles burning, and time to sit quietly, savoring the moment and sipping on our hot mocha lattes, while listening to the soft background music of Josh Groban's new Christmas album, Noel.

Before we settled down for our latte's we went for a nice long walk and enjoyed the beauties of the Mount Cheam range with it's fresh snow, but I'll tell you one thing, I've been short all my life and to this day, she strides twice as fast as I, but at least I get a better workout. So as you can tell, by the picture, I actually had to sit on a booster chair so it looks like we're both the same height.

Take time to look up friends, treasure each other's ideas, sip on lattes' and share what matters most in your lives.

The "fondest, lasting memories" don't necessarily come from "major moments" in life...the making of a memory simply happens...Kathleene S. Baker



  1. Wow, I posted about my high school friend and myself today too. What a treasure those tried and true friendships are.
    I can see your rekindling is going to a permanent thing.

  2. These farmer's daughter's knew how to have fun back then...and we still do! We are just a little wiser now. How was it that we got ourselves into that predicament at the Davy Crockett? We had a few other adventures that we could write a book about too! Thankfully, God sent His angels to keep us safe.

    We'll do coffee again soon & carry on where we left off yesterday. Thanks for all the memories we share.


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