Monday, December 24, 2007


~~~~~~~Let me share from my heart the meaningful words "All is Well" .
This song sung by MW Smith Christmas CD has overwhelmed me once again. Years back when this CD was just new, Frank Peretti was narrating a story for these words.
I bought the story book and CD and have shared it with many friends.
I am reminded over and over that "All is Well."

Do we always see it that way?

So much of it depends where we are standing and how good the view is from where we see it.

The story goes on to talk about the challenges of a single mother and her daughter Jenny. Ruth's husband passed away and she was left alone to take care of the bills and support her daughter.

One little Jenny came running downstairs and showed her mother what she found in the attic. The memories came flooding back. She had found the little ornament. Jenny’s father had made the ornament which was blotchy and messy, but the words inscribed were, “For unto us a child is born” and and on the other side,”All is Well.” The mother knew the reason even though she may not understand.

Meanwhile the daughter is trailing her wagon through the neighbor hood trying to sell goods/junk just to help her mother put food on the table. This little ornament was stuck in one of the boxes that she was trying to sell. The neighbors reached out and saw the need and were selling this ornament back and forth to raise money for this family, to give them hope.

Ruth, the mother always encouraged her Jenny. "Keep your chin up. Think positively. Look for that silver Lining. “All is Well”
God do you care for me anymore? Ruth was sobbing and reflecting.

Where are you standing and how is your view?

Ruth knows all those things, but she remembers how come all is well. She remembers and she will tell Jenny, that God is the story teller of our lives and weaves the strings together. God has the best view of all and she will tell Jenny the story of God’s story in the manger long ago.

As I have stated on my header, life is full of challenges, twists and surprises and as I think of the things that have led up to this year again, I too have to say, I've had my questions and doubts to understanding how God is weaving this puzzle together? No matter how you hit those curve balls when they come flying at you, way down deep, I too, can say "All is Well" because we know the reason for the season. Sometimes the answers to our problems come in unique and surprising ways. Sometimes we're still waiting for the answers.

Throughout the book Frank gently reminds each of us that through the provision of our loving God and the kindness and compassion of others, we too can believe the manger story and celebrate the joy of Christmas all year long, no matter what our circumstances are.

Just hearing the words of a young grandchild whisper "How Can I hear God's voice?" Then I, too can say with thankfulness, "All is Well."

Please continue to believe that God will stay with us till the story is completed. That’s why, “All is Well”



  1. Yes Marg, I too stand beside you and say though not all is perfect in our lives from the world's point of view, yet all is well. We have eternal hope.
    Blessings on you and your family.

  2. I too can say "all is well" despite the curve balls and circumstances I find myself facing this Christmas. My hope is in God!

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas celebration!


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