Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What a wonderful surprise, of a snow covered blanket to greet us as we await the news of the arrival of our new grandchild. I can't wait! A little glimpse of heaven as the sun pokes through the clouds and casts it's rays on the freshly snow-capped mountains.

Still capturing a few fall leaves falling on the fresh snow!

I ran downstairs this morning all eager and excited like a small child. It's been tradition in our home that the first snowfall of the season is welcomed by the wonderful sound of the piano playing, "First Snowfall" by Miachel W. Smith. Then I ran back upstairs and jumped into bed and my hubby said, Hm..."I love the smell of freshly ground coffee and the sound of our piano playing." "Couldn't we always wake up to those sounds and smells?"

This is a special day, more than just waiting for the birth.
This day also signifies the passing away of our wonderful mother.
She was only 73 years old and she left us such a strong legacy.
Now we will be forever reminded of her celebratory entry into heaven. Oh, I wish she could only be here to feel and share my joys and anxieties of this special day. She was there for me at the birth of all of my children and always give us the message, "I'll be there for you."
Before her passing ( in the summer months) we had a special celebration party of her life. At that occasion she presented each one of us with a wooden baton with the words inscribed,
"Keep on running with your eyes fixed on Jesus"
Her picture and baton are placed on a beautiful hutch that she gave me in front of my office door. I am reminded of her daily. She made our home a safe haven filled with warmth and love. She was my best friend. My dream and desire is to be able to pass that same message along to my children.

Waiting...and Praying...When will the phone call come??



  1. Ooooh...that chokes me up! Wouldn't we love to have our mom's here to share these special days? My mom was 74...much the same age as yours...when she passed away.

    Enjoy the snow...and the waiting! Be sure to pass along the good news, so we can rejoice with you!

  2. I always sensed that you were a wonderful woman and now I know why, I recognized your mom from the church we attended as young adults. What a blessing she always was. A gentle spirit.

    Now you will have a treasure to remember her by.


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