Friday, November 30, 2007


M&M's have been my weakness for years.
The other day when I saw the bag,
I thought...That's what I'll call my two wonderful grandson's.
It works for me and they are my little m&m's.
Just so you know, as soon as I took the picture of the bag,
I ripped it open and devoured them all by myself.
The house is quiet, Mac is sleeping and I'm enjoying down time.

Tomorrow morning comes early and we're out to cut down our tree
and participate in Mac's big idea.
He said, "Opa, I have an idea..
Let's put Christmas lights on the trampoline."
Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow and guess
who will love the twilight hours jumping on the trampoline?

Have a great day


  1. I see you picked the right kind...they have to have peanuts inside! So enjoy your little peanuts...and have fun stringing lights. (I've got a little peanut here today too.)

  2. Love Peanut m&m's.
    It'll be chilly out there today so bundle up and enjoy that hot chocolate after you are done.

  3. Well now, isn't lights on the trampoline a terrific oldies don't usually think so creatively. Have fun!


  4. What a lovely and creative idea - putting lights on the trampoline! Sounds like lots of fun to me...all you need is a bon fire (weiner roast & hot chocolate) going on in the vacinity to keep things warm...



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