Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess Who's Home Again?

What a treat to be home again. Sitting here, I'm gazing out from my office window, viewing the splendor of Mount Cheam with it's fresh snow. I'm reminded of our own beauty right here in the valley, and what better way to be welcomed home to an unexpected surprise.

My own waterfront property!! We have enjoyed water front views and sunsets that have been breath taking for the past three weeks, never to think that we would be proud owners of our own waterfront view at home.
It sounds like the valley had it's share of rain in the past weeks.

I couldn't help but run out this morning and catch another glimpse of my own private waterfront view and the fall foliage that captures the magnitude of God.

In November Lovella talked about Terry's bravery for wearing shorts on November 10,
Well I believe I beat the record.. I knew that I would have the job of raking up the leaves when we arrived home, but the blessing of the wind storm obviously cleaned up most of our leaves.

I couldn't resist feeling that warm sun on my skin once again and showing off that tan!

But now it's time for me to quit procrastinating and reading everybody's blogs and catch up on my own emails, phone-calls, kids, book work, groceries and all that stuff!!

Blogging can sure become a wonderful way to distract one from avoiding the mundane things in life.

You've all been asking about the blanket? ... First I have to get started on some real work!

There are places which draw us back again and again and I'm so happy to be home.



  1. Wow! Shorts on November 20! Is that a record? You look great by the way!

    Thanks for your visit today. Come back any day...

  2. Marg, it's just wonderful to have you home again. Your touch of sun on your skin looks fantastic. I miss my blogging buddies. Well, I must say, I'm going to have to put a little pressure on my good man to not let a lady beat him at his game. YOu do look like you are having a great time in the leaves and I surely do hope that all those mundane things in the home don't keep you from us too long.
    Welcome home Marg.

  3. Yay...you are back and hard at it! OK...it must be way warmer a few miles west of here; I wasn't thinking about wearing shorts today. Of course, I was sitting at my desk all day rather than working up a sweat. It looks like you are sporting a lovely Hawaiin glow! I'm up for the latte and Josh Groban's 'Noel' next week. Glad you are back!

  4. Isn't it great? Home again and planning the next vacation....this retirement thing seems to be working out well for you...mmmh!


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