Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thanksgiving at the SCHMIDT House

This weekend has been nothing more than a reminder once again that when family is together, so many wonderful things occur. We have tried to establish a new tradition in our family, seeing that my parents died early and left 7 siblings orphaned. So we are trying to pull ourselves together and establish our own kind of traditions and we 're learning lots about each other and having fun. We started out on Friday night with an old fashioned wiener roast on a family farm. Being one of the older siblings gives me opportunity to reflect and observe my younger nieces and nephews.

I love this shot!! Remember the days when all the aunts and uncles were drinking coffee inside and all the cousins began to share the stories about each others lives? It's no different today. The young girls are so curious to know about all the boy stuff in the older cousins lives. They giggle, and tease each other.
The adults meanwhile sit in the house and have the most amusing conversations about the weather. Farming is reliant on the weather and each sibling is predicting when the first cold snap will occur and of course that means we have all googled our favorite weather channel.
We remininsce about who saw the first snowfall on Mt. Cheam. Of course as siblings we want to see who took the last dip at Cultus Lake? The sisters are all talking about who's turn it is to host the next family gathering. Nobody seems to remember anymore. Meanwhile some of the young guys are cheering loudly for the BC Lions!!
Basketball? There's never an evening without hearing the latest stats about BC Boys Highschool basketball or the Trinity Spartans Mens BB Team. Basketball is a favorite for all of us as we print off the schedules for our favorite teams and mark them on our calendars.
Have you ever heard about cracking nuts with a rocking chair? Someone had suggested that we could all help crack walnuts and hazelnuts. Well this conversation piece had the whole family, young and old, giggling with tears rolling down their cheeks. How could anyone crack nuts with a rocking chair?
Conversations are heard, laughter is occurring, desserts are being eaten: every corner of the house, is being used. Finally the young families slowly start going home, the young adults disappear, and here we sit as siblings, drinking coffee, yawning, cleaning up the last desserts and enjoying each other's company.
"What is a family? A family is a living mobile - A family is the most versatile, ever-changing mobile that exists, an artwork that takes years, even generations, to produce, but which is never finished." Edith Schaeffer


  1. I like that picture of family...'a living mobile' which never stops changing. I think we appreciate the importance of the generations coming together more as we get older.

    PS I'm not saying we're OLD, or anything!

  2. Thanks Marg, for sharing this site with me ... it is a privilege to visit here, and for real. Good insights on the dynamics of family and some of the consistencies ... and changes over time. One thing for certain is the appreciation of fellowship for any age group within the family.


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