Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take Time to Lick Ice-Cream

At 7AM I don’t envy the mob

Who rise, shine and shower and go to the job.

In rain, sleet or stormy weather, snowing or blowing

I stay home and savor the joys of not going.

Cheer to you dear, out fulfilling yourselves.

I’ll bake me a cake and I’ll straighten my shelves.

I’ll write some light verse and I’ll practice some Bach.

If my neighbor drops in, I’ll take time for a talk.

I’d rather have family than fortune or fame,

I don’t think my aprons a Red Badge of Shame,

You’re welcome to banking, computers & math,

guns, plumbing and business.

I’ll take me a HOT BATH!

If all my 3 children grow up with the notion,

Of careering through life and abjuring emotion;

The choice is all theirs, and it won’t blow my cool.

But I like to be there, when they come home from school.

Art, music, letters — the good things of life.

Are no less my own, since I’m mother and wife.

If I scrub, mop, or dig in the garden, I’m free….

Remember the choices were all made by me!!


I found this way back in 1981. Kept it and posted it today, feeling exactly the same.

I've been in the working world and no what it's like...The grass is always greener on the other side..

Hope more of you can enjoy being stay-home-moms!!


  1. How nice that we were able to be there for our kids when they came home from school...I'll never regret that!

    Nice sidebar, Marg.

  2. I raise my glass of milk to you and judy . ..I'm glad I'm one of you.


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