Saturday, October 27, 2007

There are Places

There are places...
Where we leave a little of ourselves behind

There are places...
Which we take with us in our hearts

There are places...
Which draw us back again and again

November calls our name to the warm sunny beaches in the Southern Pacific.
How we love to run, walk, swim, sail, read, listen to our mp3 players, download some great books, listen to some great music and of course crochet an edge around a baby blanket.

This will be a first time for me, sitting on a beach crocheting?

I'm sure our friends will be slightly embarrassed that I have taken up this new hobby, but then on the other hand they will just smile and comment, "Different strokes for different folks."

We will miss the golden rays of the sun shining through the trees in the early morning.

We will miss the fall foliage which outlines our front and back yards.
God sure knew what he was doing when he made seasons.

But we won't miss the early morning frost as we run down the ocean beach and feel the warm rays of sun beating down on our heads at 7:00am.

By the time we arrive home again, we'll be in the mood of celebrating Advent, a time of preparing for the birth of a King!!

By the way, any of you who love Josh Groban, grab his new Christmas CD called NOEL. A rule in our home is not to play Christmas music till the first Advent Sunday.

It's been so hard to wait...I love his music. I feel like breaking Tradition!


  1. Wow, I'm thinking you'll be gone for quite some time. I'll miss your daily posts and it will feel a little lonely for a new friend.

    Do have a wonderful time feeling that sand between your toes.

  2. Hi Marg...I wish you a wonderful time out there under the palm trees! We are near the Grand Canyon tonight & I found a computer I could use for a bit, so I just had to check up on you.
    PS How's the crocheting coming along? I can just see you out there on the beach with your supplies spread all over...and reading glasses on so you can poke those holes!

  3. Well....waiting....waiting....waiting.....are you home yet? Definately waiting for the crocheting pictures as that was a sight to behold!


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