Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birthing Pains

Only one more month and Mac would say, 30 more sleeps. We are so excited for the birth of another grandchild...(we already know that it's a boy, and he has a real name.) We have had so much fun shopping, thinking about the new arrival, looking for flannelette's to make those little blankies. It's been years since I last dared digging up my crochet needles, but I have turned the corner and found the fabric and am beginning to practice only to find out that I couldn't read instructions or figure out a simple crochet stitch.

If any of you know me well enough, you will know that I have always been challenged when it came to crafts, but I can't stand loosing a battle, so I decided to phone friends and connect with anyone who knew how to sew, or make a blanket stitch, or could even make a crochet stitch. All I wanted was a simple stitch, with only one step... I like to keep things quite simple. Anyways at the end of yesterday, I was so frustrated because I needed someone to SHOW me, rather than read the internet or ask for instructions over the phone. Thanks to all of you who heard my dilemma and stood by..Do you know how many hours this has taken?

I already had one friend who came shopping with me and actually took the flannel home to sew the blanket because I don't even own a sewing machine. I'm scared that my husband will make that his next farm purchase. (so I can mend his clothes again, been there, done that)

So I jumped into my car and took off to town to the wool shop. I was on a mission. I entered the door and there was a group of ladies sitting around a table, talking and knitting, drinking coffee and having fun. I stepped up to their table briskly and they new there was a major crisis in my life. A few women offered words of comfort and showed me some simple steps and soon I was flying high. I was so greatful to those ladies and now I have to bring back my final project when it is completed.

I think those groups are called, "stitch and bitch" and I thought that is was quite fitting and decided that maybe I need to find a group like that.
Do the Mennos have other groups beside MCC quilting?

One more thought, will I be using all of the yarn on that roll?
It looks like a major project to me. That will take me forever.

So much for making baby blankets. I'll show you the final project...
Stay Posted!

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  1. Marg, you look like you are off to a great start. I can commiserate with the feeling of being all thumbs. It is so so much easier when someone shows me step by step.

    Congratulations on your excitment. It sure is fun planning.


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