Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm NOT Martha Stewart!

Today was a great day to watch and wait for the big storm that was for forcasted to arrive in the eastern end of the valley. I believe that my weather forecast was wrong or my friends from the west need to clarify all the warnings. I'm still waiting and while I waited I started to bake and cook. I stoked the old fire so that the room would be the right temperature for the bun dough. Well it didn't take me long to realize that Martha Stewart does not live in my house.

I began making the bun dough for these famous crescent rolls only to learn that I did not know how to shape a circle, so after spending about 30 minutes trying to shape the dough, then trying to find a sharp enough knife to slither through the dough, and then thought, "Do I dare cut on this arborite in hopes that no one will catch me or do I need to pull out the cutting board? Finally I gave up and finished off and just made the regular shaped buns. It was so much quicker and easier and only took 5 minutes.
Judy, do you have any suggestions or tips?

Hey, I did manage to make one crescent roll pan! They were all sorts and sizes!! And guess what, they were a real hit! I took them to growth group and they finished them off and I was not scrutinized by the design or form, but they all designated me to become the bun maker.

While the buns were rising I thought I might as well make a pot of chicken noodle soup with those special spices from Lovella and quickly assembled a taco casserole for a friend who had surgery. But now after two hours, I'm looking at my kitchen thinking..."Cooking and baking are fun, but who could I capture to clean up my mess? No such luck!! (He was cleaning barns)

Meanwhile, in this calamity, there's a knock at the door. It was our Pastor. Do you remember in the olden days, when your mom would make you clean your rooms, shine the shoes, wash and wax the floors, and was given a lecture on how to behave? Well there was no forewarning signal for me today. I'm so glad that things have changed and we can continue being ourselves, because I noticed he didn't look at my dirty kitchen, but cared long enough just to shoot the breeze, grab a bag of buns, and leave some encouraging words.

So to all of you out there, who are not Martha Stewarts, relax and cultivate your own cooking style. Baking and cooking for me are most enjoyed when I can share it with family and friends. My hubby asked if we could have some more of those crescent rolls for breakfast and I let him know that I had saved the last one for him!!


  1. The buns look absolutely yummy. And I know that your Chicken Soup is fabulous by experience. With Halloween coming up, you may not be Martha Stewart but could be someone else in disguise (Rachel Ray? Paula Dean? or what about those famous cooks from Country Woman magazine..I think that's it!)

  2. Your buns look just scrumptious. The one thing I learned is that men could care less if the buns are all perfectly shaped they just want them baked.

    You are just a gem to have made a casserole to share.
    I so enjoyed this post.

  3. Martha...Schmartha...who cares! She has servants to do it all for her, so she never sees the mess.

    Here's my only advice about the buns, Marg...don't spend a whole lot of time making them look perfect. They can be quite irregular & lumpy, but by the time they come out of the oven...they are just fine.

  4. Marg - looking good!


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