Friday, October 12, 2007

Geraniums for Frank!!


How many of you know the art it takes to grow geraniums?

I was discussing landscaping ideas with a friend the other day and he sadly opened up his heart letting me know what happened to his 30 geranium plants that he had carefully planted. He wintered them through the tough times and in spring he would proudly stand back admiring his new geraniums, which he fertilized weekly, watered them daily, cut back the old growth, and massaged their leaves and petals in hope of having the largest blooms in the valley.
However in this last month some of his closest friends had a new idea. They decided to renovate the geranium garden, by bringing in the High-Ho and tearing them all out. Their logic for this unexpected event suggested that those flowers were from the past era and slightly outdated. They thought it was time to create an Extreme Makeover.

Well Frank, I want to pay tribute to this hardship in your life by sending you a bouquet of geraniums from my own home. Please be reminded that that the coffee pot is on....and we can spend time lamenting your loss.


  1. This post brought back memories of my mom wintering her geraniums. She had so much joy in the regrowth the next spring. It was almost like a relationship developed and she really did baby her plants. So unlike me. Buy them in spring and then yank them in fall. I truly believe she loved her flowers more.

  2. So did you actually think that Frank was looking after his own geraniums? I'm sure he has a gardener growing all those prize-winning blooms!

  3. Well, poor Frank has taken to his bed with illness...but yes, the geraniums he claims as his terrority although... he does have some help with the rest, it is true! With wedding pictures here next weekend, the makeover is nearly complete, and not so much as a flower in sight....yet! Marg, your flowers are fabulous - candy to the soul!


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