Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Next Leg of My Journey

 I received this card for my birthday and I wondered who had taken this photo of me.
That's exactly what I looked like when I was younger.
Anyways that's exactly what I've been trying to do, strengthen my leg muscles.

I experienced a freak ski accident which resulted in a multiple knee injury,
I've been under an intensive physio program.
The MRI images implied that surgery was necessary.
I was told that I was too old for surgery.
But with the help of my physio therapist, I'm determined to beat the odds.

I have accumulated over 25 exercises that need to be repeated 3x daily.
Here I'm trying to raise  my leg...strengthen those gluts.
It takes every concentrated effort.
My whole living room looks like a work out place.
Tension bands, ice paks, braces, pillows....

 There you have it...I'm pushing that leg into the wall, getting that stretch.
Stretching and straightening the leg.
So hopefully by the time I have completed my therapy program,
I will be able to physically demonstrate the above technique on the card.

 This past week, my physio asked me to take a tea towel,
lay it on the floor and scrunch it with my toes toward me.
I burst out laughing...thinking,
 if only my Menno friends could see me.

At our last social event,  I was curious to see
how many of the girls could complete this exercise.
There were many laughs...as I pulled out my table napkins.

I was the only one who could not curl my toes.
Try it....Can you curl your toes?
Do you recognize any of these gorgeous feet?

 When I'm not exercising I'm airing my brain outside.
With the help of a bike trainer, I cycle.
I open the garage door which allows me to feel wind, rain and sun.
And what inspires me more, is a view of the snow capped mountain range.
This is 'respite' for me.

 Today, I had the most wonderful drive into Hope, checking out Camp Kawkawa.
I savored the view of Mount Hope...seeing every glacier and crevice,
envisioning climbing it with snow shoes or heli-skiing down it's slopes.
I've realize that as long as I keep my focus above....
my dreams will come together again.
 My dreams may be restructured...but I will beat the odds.

 Meanwhile my hands are keeping busy...I have no time to waste.
Soon I will be heading back to Manning Park.
I wonder what will be the next leg of my journey?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Do You Know Anyone Who's 103?

February birthdays are finished, but March 2 follows quickly and once again,
we've all celebrated our Papa's 103 birthday.

Papa is bright, healthy and brimming with smiles as he sits waiting for his guests.
Papa, you have touched many peoples lives and have left a legacy 
that gives hope to future generations.
It was a wonderful privilege to have the Primrose Gardens host this event.
Papa has been living here with Helen for five years and they truly feel loved and accepted.

We truly want to thank Sharon and her staff for adding all the 
special touches that make a birthday party worth celebrating.
Sharon, with tears rolling down her eyes said,
"It's truly an honor to live among the crowd of witnesses who have run the race set before them..
and have thrown off all that entangles them and have run with perseverance,
the race of faith." Hebrews 12:1
What an incredible witness of people who daily surrender their life to God.



We thank you Helen for your special tender care for our Papa.
We all know that he is still with us because of your constant love and commitment.
Brother Peter opened the mealtime and offered the prayer.
In a natural spontaneous response, we all sang the 'Doxology'
 It's wonderful how the siblings gathered around for their special photo shots.
We missed you, Connie, Ursula and Anke.

(photo from his 100th birthday)
And when he's been asked about how he has run the race of life,
he is quick to raise his hand and let us all know that with 
God, all things are possible.


We wish you God's blessings, Papa.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What Month is This?

February Is Birthday Month

  It's the time of year that we all love to celebrate.
 One of my children, in her early years thought that by default
all birthdays were held in one month, the month of FEBRUARY.
It is so true...as so many of us celebrate this next month.

 Cakes are part of every party and each one gets to choose their own.
 We have had the added excitement of celebrating Ivy's first birthday.

 She celebrates with her Opa...just one day prior to his birthday.
And she loves playing with him.
Can you guess her favorite game?

Peek A Boo!

She came into this world hanging onto Monkey for dear life.

Know you know the theme of her birthday.
Her Mum and Dad decorated and baked this beautiful birthday cake.

 Meanwhile I've been laid up after my knee injury.
I was told that I have ruptured a few major ligaments and that I must go to rehab.
Lots of icing and elevated legs lifts.
Meanwhile it has given me time to teach 'finger-knitting' to Silas.
He is  making headbands for everyone.

Meanwhile, Levi keeps busy with volleyball.
And the others continue to ski without me on Saturdays.

Sharing  moments like this keep one inspired....

This week I have an appointment with my 'real therapist'
(her husband Joe is smiling on)
She will assess the injury and we will celebrate our birthdays together.
What better way...

But she instructed me to leave my skis at home.