Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wedding Bliss

 This weekend these flags will be uniting two young adults.
America will be  receiving a sweetheart.
And Canada will be embracing a fearless adventurer.
 Many friends and family of Mikki and Joe
will be witnessing the celebration of their vows.

 Here we are, two families who came together this past winter,
blessing them as they begin a new adventure in life.

As your grandmother slipped into this beautiful gown,
you too, will sense that feeling,
 knowing that her labor of love has been woven into this day,
as she hand-sewed the delicate veil that you will be wearing.
Oh, how your grandparents would of loved to see this day.
We've kept your grandmother's dress in the family,
as one that reflects 'commitment and love' for over forty five years.
There legacy lives in our hearts forever.
There will be days that you will feel agony.
There will be days where you feel pain.
And there will be days where you feel exhilaration
as you reach that mountain top.
You will experience days of  companionship and fun.
You will experience growth in your lives.
Yes, there will be days of personal struggle and introspection.
It is knowing Christ's love that will carry you through these times.
Embracing only each other will lead to isolation and despair.
Surround yourselves with many friends.
You need these friends to love you...
to be honest with you,
to support you,
challenge you in times of joy and times of despair.
When you can experience your friend's embrace,
Christ's love will infuse in your lives.

We will continue to pray that as you become 'SoulMates'
 your marriage will be revolutionized in ways you would never imagine.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Twelve More Days!

While we've been preparing for babies and weddings..
.one may wonder what those boys have been up to?  
I really don't think anyone has missed out on any good times.
 Thursday's is our day with the boys...
and you can drop in and find a variation of activities.
Cycling...go carts....John Deer Tractors
Someone was eager to bring out the lawn chairs.
Eating popcorn and enjoying Ivy's company.
Playing with remote cars and jumping over them.
 But some Thursdays have been  dedicated for buying clothes for the wedding.
Were they excited?
No, until...a suit was requested..
And this Oma considered it a great option.
But take a look at Ivy's formal wear...
Isn't she a  princess?
I think we're ready.
 This little guy has loves playing with my kitchen gadgets.
From peeling apples, to slicing strawberries.
Finally he's cracking eggs to make his favorite ham and egg cups.

His Grand Finale!
You would just love him in your kitchen.

 They have had a wonderful time getting to know their Aunt Mikki.
And they love her...
Can you hear the tunes?
Twinkle Twinkle, Chop Sticks!
Then there's always "cuddle bunnies"
And of course they try to scatter away!
 I think the bride is trying to give advice?
He already knows that she is not really interested in his projects.

But he's proud as he's completed his 500 piece Avalanche Project.
Many good times have been enjoyed by everyone.

The weather is looking good for April 19th.
The final countdown is here!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Sister ACT!

These girls have kept me hopping over the past months.
One planning a wedding and the other giving birth.
But what else can one say...except that it's the best time of my life!
 Here comes the bride...
This past weekend, our families decided to put on a double shower.
One for the bride, Mikki and one for the mother of Ivy, Suzanne.

Thanks to Sheryl & Vivian for hosting this celebration event.
Many recipes and ideas came from  'their Celebration Cookbook'
 Unfortunately their was only one glitch in the evening.
Ivy's mother became suddenly hospitalized and could not attend.
But thanks to technology, as they skyped and all the guests said hello to Suzanne & Ivy!
The best surprise of the evening was when Vivian played a video
from her wedding over 25 years ago where the  'two sisters' performed together,
singing, "Love Makes A Friend" by Sandi Patty.
Shrieks of laughter burst throughout the crowd truly making a real 'Sister Act'

Aunts and cousins of all ages.
But we must admit, these young ones stole the show.
Their smiles tell you that they too are all dreaming of a love filled future.

 Her expression tells you how she describes her labor to a crowd.
Somehow it did not follow the procedure that the books outlined.
There were a few twists, delays, detours and turns...but we're all cheering for her now!
 Thanks Brandy and Mikki for hosting this shower for Suzanne.
Everyone had a pleasant time and you could really tell who stole the thunder.
She came dressed in the dress that Suzanne's father gifted her as a baby.
And she slept through the entire event.
 It was wonderful to watch the little ones open the gifts together with Suzanne.
It's the little ones who bring the joy and excitement to this kind of party.
She received beautiful gifts and Ivy will continue to be the Princess in our family.
 I'm thankful for these special women in my life.
What clearly emerges is that despite their generational influences,
mothers and daughters share the same dreams of finding themselves 
through connections to others, and especially to each other.
It's been a ride filled with honor and pleasure.