Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Surprise

It's Mother's Day!
My best gift ever...having all my grandchildren together.
We planned this day in advance.
As you see, my absence from my blog tells you I'm busy.
Busy with new grands!

There were screams and hollers as they arrived.
Nobody knew that Mikki was arriving with Baby Cannon.
He was born March 22, 2016.
Five weeks after Baby Joy, Feb.13, 2016
We spent five weeks in CA helping them along their journey.

Great Oma, Tanta Trudy, Alan and Sherie.
A pleasant surprise for all.

 And you know who got all the attention..from young and old.

 Tanta Trudy hand stitched a quilt full of color and beauty for each new grandchild.
Of course Ivy owned it very quickly.
I think Joy will need to wait awhile.

And of course we took time to enjoy a table full of prepared foods.
It was a bit chaotic as you know...
just when i'st time to eat, the baby's alarms started ringing.
those poor nursing girls....
I guess we've all been there.

Truly this was a special day to  honor the women in our home.
We gathered together, from all generations.
Except for one little photogenic man.

You can guess who really stole the show...

Joy Anna, Feb.13, 2016 
(Suzanne & Christopher)

Cannon Jacob, March 22, 2016
(Mikki & Joe) 

 Yes, this is our first time gathering all five grands around us.
Lots of laughter.

The best Mother's Day ever!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ivy's Paska Tutorial

Just a few more days and we can all imagine the smells of Paska coming out of our kitchens.
For some of you, who are a bit late, here's a quick tutorial, short and sweet.
Ivy has been very enthusiastic as she loves to sees all the Easter decor.
Today was her special day to make and follow along.

She is totally aware that Easter is happening..
you only need to visualize her facial expressions.
How much does a 2 year old know about Paska?

First step, is to stir the eggs..

While she stirs, I'm preparing the dough in my mixer.
Her job is to turn the buttons on and off.

Meanwhile tasting is important,
while I make sure we also talk about texture.
What's soft dough and what's hard dough?

Sticky, Sticky...
Greasing your hands is important, as she does her final knead.

There may not be beaters, but licking the bowl is the best.

And then the bread goes into the Big Red Bowl and goes "nite nite"
and a warm blanket is placed over the dough while it rises.
Nite nite, also allows her to have a little nap, while I rest.

"Oh no, Ivy...we finished kneading the dough."

The dough is placed by the fireplace and she peaks once more.

Now it's 'wake up time'...and she is ready to prepare the pans.

And of course she adores the tea towel with all the Easter eggs,
as she covers it one more time for another little nap.

Then the bread is baked and iced, while sprinkling is her favorite part.

As you can tell, she loves it.
How much fun to take home fresh Paska for her family.
Her special recipe is from her Oma.

Hope this helps to make your life easier....

Next she's running in the deep grass looking for eggs.
She's learned that we work first and then play.
Have a wonderful Easter.

Friday, February 19, 2016

My Thunder is Stolen Again!

I've been ready for a while......
As you all know, it' birthday month, with the expectation of a newborn sometime.
I've been going to sleep for the last month thinking....
Is it tonight?
Finally, I decided to accept the invite from my grandsons to hit the slopes.
We were heading out to Manning Park overnight, Feb.12-13th.
After all it's MY Birthday and so we made all the necessary arrangements.
We phoned home every few hours, because last time she labored for 30 hours.
I had plenty of time to get I thought.
Remember, there's no WiFi except at the lodge.

The short of the story is that Joy Anna was born at 1:00 am Feb.13th, 2016!
Could I ask for a better gift?

Yes, she is beautiful and content and who does she look like?
I've never been good at that.

Now I'm going to take you back a few hours....
Tara and I were both on call for the arrival of this new child.
What good is that when we are both at Manning Park?
An aunt and uncle consented to being on call.
Feb. 13th arrives, fresh snow,
 and we enjoyed a wonderful birthday breakfast in the cabin.

A loud knock on Cabin #34.
I opened the door to see a friendly smile.
I immediately invited them to enjoy some freshly baked french toast.
They hesitated, and were quick to inform us that they had a message to deliver.

"Christopher phoned and announced the birth of a child."

My face expresses it very well...I was in shock.
How could she deliver that fast?
Was  I really supposed to believe this?

While at the same moment we were receiving the news,
John was in the backroom with the boys preparing the candles and cake.
 I really thought this was a scam...
I thought they were all putting me up to this.
There were many screeches and cheers of laughter.
So much for skiing.
I've never seen a crew pack up so quickly.
Everyone, including the boys wanted to race back to meet their new cousin.

A proud family with many smiles and hugs.
Congratulations Christopher, Suzanne and Ivy!

The rest of the photos tell the story.

 Ivy stayed with us for a few days and was reading to Joy!

I love watching Ivy interact with Joy as it brings sheer delight.

Two sisters entangled in each other's lives forever.

How special to hold this little bundle of Joy in my arms.
Those first quiet tender moments and snuggles need to be savored.
How does it happen that I share my birthday first with my daughter, Mikki,
and now with my granddaughter, Joy Anna.
A mother holds her children s hands for awhile...... 
their hearts forever.