Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's Ivy's Day!

Happy Birthday Ivy!
This little princess was born two years ago today.
The baby days are over and she's enjoying the real life.

One thing for sure...she loves her Opa!
They share their birthday's one day apart.

She's not sure yet about farming...

But if she's with her Opa...she is happy!

She loves to go with her Opa to the shop....
And onto the John Deere tractor to see the hawsies.

If you can't find Ivy, you'll see her sitting at the front door
waiting to hear her Opa's truck...
and she's gone.

Another one of her favorite past times is sitting on my island.
Today she is decorating her Mummy's birthday cake.
My mom sewed the little apron for Ivy's mum, years back.

Did I say it was birthday month?

Ivy also loves kneading dough in the big red bowl!
In her language all dough is Pizza dough.
And where did she learn to knead with her elbows?

This year she wanted a Thomas cake.

Taking that first bite!

 Opening gifts with cousins is always fun!
She's really learned to identify with her cousins, uncles and aunts.

There are times when she loves to play 'big girl'

She is one happy girl!
We have had so much fun with her.

Oh, and just so you know....
Her bags are packed.
waiting to go to her Oma's house.
while she waits for her Mummy to have a new baby.

We are all ready and waiting any time.

Yes, February is birthday month!
Suzanne, Ivy, John, Mikki, Marg
and one more coming any day.
This household will be celebrating for awhile.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dreaming Again!

One year ago today, Jan.3, 2015 my world came crashing down.
A wonderful day on the mountains with the grands
and an unexpected knee injury that left me crippled.
I was given absolutely no hope,
not even a second opinion was granted to me.

So I started my own journey.
Some excellent advice from friends in the medical field,
gave me the inner strength and encouragement that I needed.

With the snowfall that we've had this winter,
my body aches and longs to put those skis on again.

"Your Dream doesn't have an expiration date.
Take a deep breath and try again."

It's little ones like Ivy that cheered me on...
It was inborn that I needed to be mobile to play with my
grandchildren again. 

A little bit of surgery and a strong rehab program,
put the smile back on my face, 
and gave me the courage to work hard at my weekly goals.
Boys, I will be back...
but not this year....
And I have decided to quit racing you.
Tara, I'm so happy that my ski boots fit you.
It's fun watching you progress.

But I know that Ivy will need my help,
and I will start all over again only maneuvering slower.

Ann Voskamp

There were many special people who offered prayer and HOPE!
Thank you to all of you.

I told you I'd be back!

Happy New Year's to All of You!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Old Fashioned Christmas!

Christmas never leaves my heart.
I can share fond memories of years when I was a small child,
of an old fashioned Christmas.  
Can we still make that happen?
It's time for the Schmidt gathering 2015!
You know how it is...
You've prepared and planned for months.
In my heart and mind I'm ready.
That last day, you check everything once more,
a quick vacuum and a quick mop.
I asked myself why?  But that's just what I do!

The outside is prepared as John blows off those last fall leaves.
The hay bales are laid around the fire pit.
Praying that the rain holds off....get the tarps out.
Keeping our fingers crossed...

And the rains held off and we had an old fashioned Christmas.
Hot apple cider, mulled wine and Christmas melodies of Michael Buble'
Young and old enjoyed a crisp evening,
reminiscing around the warmth of the fire.

Ah, the Schmidts know how to cook and to eat.
From beans, to dips, to salads, to chips, to grapes,
and Naniamo bars, and fresh home made buns,
and platters of baked goodies and a  large bowl of chocolate truffle.
This event could not happen with out "Licorice/Allsorts"
Our father always made sure that was part of Christmas.
Oops, we forgot the Halvah!

Then there's always some who love to steal the show...
We welcomed Holly our new little puppy.
Brandy and Dave feasting at the bean pot.

How do we crowd everyone in?  It keeps getting bigger and bigger.  
You just keep cramming 37 bodies into spaces, nooks and crannies,
and the finale is always squishing into one room where we 
share through tears and laughter as we take time to reflect over the past year.
Somehow it doesn't matter, as we are all woven together
and that's what matters most.

And then the drum roll, the moment that they've all been waiting for....
 The final outcome of the 'Annual Schmidt Weather Prediction.'
Yes, trophy and all...Last year's winner was Kenny Martens.
While this year's  Elsie Schmidt took the trophy home.
Yes, people asked if it was rigged?
There's always a fierce Schmidt competition.
There's always some walking away with a sulking face.

And memories linger on as they chat into the wee hours of the night.

And So This is Christmas.....
is fading in the background.

Wishing you a Joyous Season!